Top SF Realtor POV: My “Tequila” Soundtrack

Top SF Realtor POV: My “Tequila” Soundtrack

Top SF Realtor POV: My “Tequila” Soundtrack

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I was asked the other day what my real estate life soundtrack would be and my mind went blank for a moment or two. 

But then a vision of Pee Wee Herman (may he Rest In Peace) doing the Tequila dance popped into my head and I thought, “Maybe the tequila song is it!” 

“Why?” you ask...

  • I like to enjoy a good margarita after a hard day’s work. 
  • I love celebrating a successful closing with a delicious Mexican meal (shout out to Tacolicious and Tommy’s, two of my favorite places to eat). Invariably, this involves a spicy margarita. 
  • Enjoying a fresh paloma (tequila and grapefruit juice for you who aren't familiar) reminds me of our first family trip to Mexico, where my kids learned to surf at the Cabo Surf Hotel. We surfed and dreamed of one day owning a beach front home on the sand. (Some day!)
  • Casa Amigos Tequila is George Clooney’s company, so anytime I have this particular tequila, I am just one degree of separation from him :-). Don't you think George would love a little pied-a-terre in SF?
  • And “Casa Amigos” translates to “House of Friends.” What better reason to be in real estate than to help clients and friends have a warm and happy home where they can be with friends and loved ones?

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