Top SF Realtor POV: Do Sparkly Gnomes Drive FedEx trucks?  

Top SF Realtor POV: Do Sparkly Gnomes Drive FedEx trucks?  

Top SF Realtor POV: Do Sparkly Gnomes Drive FedEx trucks?  

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Something unexpected and kind of wonderful happened yesterday while I was out driving around on broker’s tour. A FedEx delivery truck stopped in front of me on a very narrow street leaving no room for me to pass. 

I was already in a hurry trying to get to the next house on my tour before it closed, so I was not happy.  I was prepared to see the usual arrogant delivery driver behavior –  slowly sauntering out of the truck, taking their time retrieving the package, completely ignoring whomever they've inconvenienced. 

But this driver immediately noticed me waiting and without hesitation gave me a giant grin. He managed to quickly and humorously pantomime that he was going to move fast. He pumped his arms back and forth like he was running and did a funny little hop and a skip with his legs. He jogged up the steps of the building with his delivery and quickly re-emerged empty handed and doing a joyful victory dance. He smiled, waved, jumped back in his truck and pulled away. 

It happened so fast, and I was so completely caught off guard that I laughed out loud and  realized the tension in my body had completely disappeared. I felt happier and more relaxed than before he'd blocked my path. There was something so warm and genuine and magical about him! 

Clearly it was a much-needed message for me to slow down and relax. And it worked! But there was also something so delightful about the whole experience that has me still smiling today.

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