Best of SF: Try Harvest Urban Market

Best of SF: Try Harvest Urban Market

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As the saying goes, when one door closes, another one opens! 

The shuttering, whether temporary or not, of Whole Foods on Market Street has caused a stir in both SOMA and throughout San Francisco. I’d never visited that particular Whole Foods store, but I have a really lovely listing at the SOMA Grand that’s only about a block and a half from there.

At the time I signed up the listing, I anticipated I’d be frequenting that location to grab a quick bite before an open house, or to pick up a few veggies for dinner that night. I love food, and every time I visit a market – whether it’s new to me or not – I find something new and different (and I always buy more than I need!). I was excited to try out another Whole Foods store, and happy to list the market as one of the many neighborhood amenities for my listing…

…And then I read the news about the closure. 😔

But last Saturday I found myself with a bit of time to kill after a showing and before an open house, so I walked along Market in the opposite direction from WF and came upon Harvest Urban Market. This market may not be well known to anybody but locals, and it may not have quite as extensive an array of options as some stores, but I found it to be fantastic!

I was willing to settle for a banana and a protein bar, but I discovered much more than that at Harvest Urban Market: A fresh, truly divine chocolate croissant from the café. Cut fresh pineapple. Gatorade to hydrate my son for his soccer game later that day. A tub of spicy almonds (because I love all things spicy and just couldn’t resist). And a bouquet of flowers to give to my mother-in-law on Sunday for Mothers Day.

If you’re ever in the vicinity of 8th and Howard, or coming to see me at the SOMA Grand, swing by Harvest Urban Market. You won’t be disappointed. AND you’ll be helping a local market stay in business – a worthy cause no doubt.  

Oh, and in case you’re wondering: The chocolate croissant was my substitute for a protein bar, but I did buy a bunch of bananas as well.

Photo Credit: Luke Haruki

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