Worth Reading: Famous Fog of San Francisco

Worth Reading: Famous Fog of San Francisco

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Think of San Francisco and you think hills, the Golden Gate Bridge, hippies, 49ers, crabs, beat poets, Victorians, tech, earthquakes and – perhaps first and foremost – fog. 

I’ll never forget when I first moved here in the 80s, how it took a whole summer for me to “get” that the fog was inevitably going to roll in at some point most days. I’d been wired for regular seasons, and thought that July and August meant heat and sun rather than cold and grey and being unable to see more than one block up the hill! (For more musings on San Francisco fog, click here.

Herb Caen said, “The number of foggy days over the city is never reported, reportedly. But take it from me— there’s enough to satisfy everyone, and dissatisfy somebody.” 

But with climate change, is San Francisco going to be able to keep its famous fog? That is the question explored here. 

Photo Credit: Casey Horner

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