Top SF Realtor POV: Trip by Tesla

Top SF Realtor POV: Trip by Tesla

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The winter of 2023 brought a legendary amount of snow to Mammoth Lakes, California, where I own a cabin and where I’ve been skiing all my life. Because of the deluge, flights were canceled, trips were postponed and structural support beams cracked and split (as in my A-frame!). There was so much snow in Mammoth that it felt like I had a jar full of mouth-watering candy in my hands but no hope of ever opening said jar. I simply couldn’t get there! Even driving from San Francisco was difficult due to an avalanche at Mono Lake which blocked Highway 395.

Determined to find a way, I accepted the only available option, which was to fly to Orange County and then ride with a friend who was willing to drive there. From L.A., Mammoth is a straightforward, 5.5 hour trip. Plus, my friend has a Tesla, so the journey promised to be luxurious and fast.

It was indeed the smoothest, most cushy car ride I’ve experienced. There were no mechanical problems, no crashes, no detours. None of that! Rather, the trip took way too much time. The Tesla needed to be charged THREE (!) times and the places we stopped were right out of an episode of “Breaking Bad.”

As a result, I’ve been cured of my Tesla-envy. Even with the newer models, I really don’t like the idea of stopping in the middle of nowhere to charge for 30-45 minutes. Instead, I’ll do my part for the environment by taking public transportation and soon I will be buying a hybrid vehicle.

But the trip to Mammoth turned out to be successful (and I got to sample the proverbial candy). What made me happiest was the company of my traveling companion and chauffeur. We talked nonstop, there and back, which made the seven-hour drive fly by. Was it the luxury vehicle and the sumptuous surroundings that got us talking? Nah, just two friends enjoying each other’s company.

Photo Credit: Taun Stewart

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