Top Agent POV: She’s Not Nosy. She’s My Neighbor!

Top Agent POV: She’s Not Nosy. She’s My Neighbor!

Writings about residential real estate and all things home, by Lisa Riddle of Kindred SF Homes.

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My neighbor across the street is a lovely older person. She’s home most days, sitting in her front window, watching the neighborhood. And calling me when she has helpful advice or observations to share.

“You really should bring your trash cans in. The wind is going to blow them into the street.”

“Were you out of town? I noticed your front curtains were still open when I went to bed.”

“Did you get a new cat? I saw something different in your window.”

“Are you putting up a Christmas tree this year? I’m not, and I love looking across the street and seeing the lights.”

“Do you know who owns that blue car I keep seeing parked out front?”

Some might find this annoying, but I enjoy it when she calls and I worry when she doesn’t – especially when our trash cans have been out all day or an unusual car has been parked in front of our house overnight. 

It never fails that just when I’m picking up my phone to call her and make sure she’s okay, a car pulls up in front of her house and out she climbs out with a big smile and a wave goodbye to whoever brought her home. If she sees me watching she’ll yell from across the street, “I just had the best lunch!” or “You should have heard Father Joseph at Mass today!”

And I am so relieved. 

Photo credit: Iza Gawrych

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