Teatime: Meet Paul Hurley

Teatime: Meet Paul Hurley

This week’s Kindred TeaTime interview is with Paul Hurley, the first agent to join Kindred SF Homes after the agency was founded in 2018. For his full bio and contact information, please follow this link.

Name a book you loved as a kid. Is there a line or character you remember?

I loved Horton Hatches the Egg by Dr. Seuss.  And there’s no question the character I remember is lazy Mayzie. She is such a despicable parent. She abandons her egg and leaves Horton to hatch it while she flies off to Palm Beach and then – much later – she wants to claim the baby “elephant bird” as her own!

What did you last read? Thumbs up or down?

I’m reading stuff all day long, but the last thing I read just a few minutes ago was the Washington Post online. I read it every morning. Thumbs up. 

In your next life you can be a lion, a tiger or a bear. Which do you choose and why?

I would choose Tiger because I love the outfit.

What is something you learned from a parent that turned out to be wise?

My mother taught me that when the kids – in this case my younger siblings – were going crazy to just hold them quietly. To add calm.  In a disruptive or angry situation, the best thing you can do is contribute to the calm.

There’s a new interior paint color based on you and your life. What’s its name and why?

It’s called Reef Blue because it’s the color of the water when you’re diving in above a reef. It’s an exciting color because it’s portends adventure. 

What in the world gives you hope?

I think we are evolving in a better, kinder way. Our children are wiser and more understanding than us or our parents. I think the human spirit is evolving in a positive way.

It’s teatime. What’s your order?

I want some of those little cream cheese and cucumber sandwiches and a bite of scone.

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