Worth Reading: Voice Your True Opinion if You’re a Pro

Worth Reading: Voice Your True Opinion if You’re a Pro

Writings about residential real estate and all things home, by Cynthia Cummins of Kindred SF Homes.

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This post is meant for agents and any other professionals who support clients in their progress through life – but it’s good advice for anyone.

Interested in producing a good outcome for a client? This Psyche post posits that reasoning is best done socially. Think tennis, not mountain climbing. Think feedback, not necessarily agreement. 

“In order to develop our rational capacities, we must find others who can challenge our ideas and expose us to different ways of thinking about things. We can’t reason well if we surround ourselves with people who think exactly like us. Indeed, a large body of social scientific research suggests that groups of likeminded individuals, no matter how smart or educated they are, often reason very poorly, especially if they have affective ties to one another.” 

This is a good reminder to reevaluate how we communicate with other professionals who are on our client’s team.

“…truth can emerge as a result of each side giving their reasons, because, although we’re biased when evaluating our own reasons, we’re relatively good at evaluating the reasons of others.”

Photo Credit: Jeremy Enns

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