Top San Francisco Realtor Perspectives: Everything is Topsy-Turvy

Top San Francisco Realtor Perspectives: Everything is Topsy-Turvy

by Shelly Sutherland

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Everything is topsy-turvy, right?!?!

To keep sane and somewhat upbeat, I visit my favorite artists on Instagram. I follow these artists more deeply and engage a bit in between reading the news and scrolling through Facebook. Then I relapse into panic when reading NextDoor.

I reminisce about the good ‘ol days when I lived large in the City — dining out, seeing live music, hanging out with friends, browsing shops and going to art galleries. I bought art, mostly from the twice a year San Francisco Open Studios event. For total immersion, I visited the museums, and often invited clients to join me on docent tours at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

Since docent tours are now off limits, I dreamed up an idea of engaging with a larger group to explore art via Zoom. Thus began a technological deep dive into something seemingly very simple. But when I began to understand the pitfalls of presenting to a larger group, anxiety set in as I worked to avoid a myriad of problems.

I had the time to do research but what a time-suck this was! I spent hours visiting HELP webinars since there were no humans to guide me. I bought more gadgets like a headset and the ring light and a background fixture.  I role-played, memorized introductions, brain-stormed topics and all this as the moderator. I wasn’t even the main speaker at my first 70+ person webinar! I hired a knowledgeable specialist for this, and she wowed the attendees.  Once the talks began, all the technological stresses disappeared for one hour, as we lived among the artists, in another time, far from the one we currently are in.

I invite you to become lost in these two art lectures. The first one is on David Park, a Bay Area Figurative artist from the 1950s and the second lecture was on nine women artists working from the 1900s to present day. I hope you become totally absorbed as I did. I forgot all about the hassle of Zoom and became appreciative of yet another gizmo that helps bring us all together.

Enjoy the videos here:

Photo: David Parks Artwork

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