Recommended Reading: Cuck Money and Cost of Coveting

Recommended Reading: Cuck Money and Cost of Coveting
Writings about residential real estate and all things home, by Cynthia Cummins 
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I’ve been accused of being the sole cause of the housing crisis in San Francisco. (Would it were so! I’d instantly change my ways and save everybody a whole lot of heartache.)
I’ve received phone calls attacking me for being greedy and sleazy. I’ve gotten nasty emails full of ranting over high rent prices. I’ve opened hand-addressed envelopes filled with threatening obscenities scrawled in red ink. All from anonymous senders. Thank goodness the trolls aren’t as prolific as spammers, but these communiques always come as a shock.
I don’t take it personally. There’s plenty of heartache around housing and homelessness, and I’m full of compassion for all of us – renters, homeless people, Realtors, struggling homeowners, Yet, I’m likely to keep scrolling whenever I come across a post about the housing crisis. Because it’s a distressing and unsolvable situation among many many many distressing and unsolvable situations and I try to shield myself from too much pain.
But every now and then I stop to read. This post by Jia Tolentino was worthwhile, even if the headline “One Weird Trick To Forget About the Housing Crisis” doesn’t fit the content. I like what she’s saying about coveting and “real estate porn,” and I now know the definition of “cuck money.”
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