Black Friday: Darkest Before the Light

Black Friday: Darkest Before the Light

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When Black Friday comes 
I'll collect everything I'm owed 
And before my friends find out 
I'll be on the road

~ Walter Becker/ Donald Fagan from "Black Friday" 

Oh yes, every year when Black Friday comes, I'm feeling wiped out from work, unsatisfied by whatever happened on Thanksgiving, and wishing I could just run off to the proverbial islands. 

Black Friday 2022. Multiply that by 12. 

It's been a hard year in real estate for everyone --clients and agents alike. With very few exceptions, it's been a hard year for everyone everywhere. And I'm ending November with a bout of COVID 19 (my first) which is preventing me from being with my loved ones. I'm feeling extra dark this Black Friday. 

So, I figure I should "let there be light" instead. 

As Thich Nhat Hanh said, real happiness derives in part from noticing and being grateful for any moment of contentment: "Suffering from your toothache you get enlightened: you say: 'It's wonderful not to have a toothache.' So, how to enjoy your non-toothache? Just remember the time when you had a toothache. Suffering plays a very important role in helping you to be happy." 

Gratitude for my "non-toothache" makes me more aware of the pleasure in my life and -- simultaneously --aware of the pain in every life. And that is followed by compassion. Compassion for myself not "measuring up" to some crazy holiday standard I learned as a child. Compassion for all beings. A wish for everyone to have a safe home, a loving family and abiding love in their lives. 
So, here's what I offer you this Black Friday" It's blackest just before the light comes. And with the season of light (in most traditions) upon us, it's a good time to light a candle in your own life and the lives of others. The slightest spark of gratitude is all that's needed. 
May your path be (en)lightened!
Photo Credit: Prateek Gautam

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