Best of SF: Top 4 Organic Food Stores in San Francisco

Best of SF: Top 4 Organic Food Stores in San Francisco

By Kindred SF Homes

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Want to shop organic, but don’t know where? Here’s a guide to the top four most popular organic grocery stores in San Francisco.

  1. Native Foods. It is a vegan restaurant and has its own supermarket next door so customers can pick up ingredients for dinner on the way home from work. Not only do they sell snacks and drinks like any other corner store (chips and sodas), but also vegan treats and meat alternative products such as seitan brats, soy beef jerky, non-dairy cream cheese with chives or jalapeno peppers, or coconut milk ice cream amongst many others.
  2. Rainbow Grocery. This is our all-time favorite grocery store in San Francisco – organic or not. It’s a worker-owned co-op devoted to sustainability. You won’t be able to find any meat or fish here, but everything else you can think of is available, and much of what they offer is locally sourced and of very high quality.
  3. Lucky Supermarket. For the budget conscious and with an Asian orientation. Lucky Supermarket has over 40 locations throughout California and Nevada; it specializes in affordable Asian cuisine ingredients like udon noodles, Thai fish cakes, Vietnamese charcuterie and more. If you want to try cooking new foods for cheap, this is the place to go. They also sell inexpensive produce and raw foods, so you can eat healthily without spending too much money.
  4. Good Life Grocery. Fair-trade and organic. You won’t find GMO-ish items like Cool Ranch Doritos, but they do offer interesting products like extra virgin African shea butter which is great for your skin, or canned jackfruit that tastes like pulled pork but is 100% vegan.

What are YOUR favorite organic stores in San Francisco? We’d love to know. Email [email protected]. Meanwhile…happy shopping!

Photo Credit: Alexandr Dzyuba

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