Best of San Francisco: Coming Back to Life, in a New Way

Best of San Francisco: Coming Back to Life, in a New Way

by Francesco Benvenuti

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Francesco Benvenuti is a top San Francisco Realtor who partners with buyers and sellers of residential property. Follow him @dreamhomes_with_francesco

We’ve all watched San Francisco – our cool grey city of love – change so much in the last few months due to COVID-19.

After shelter in place orders went into effect, my downtown neighborhood started to look more and more like a disaster or a dystopia or a dystopian-disaster movie. 

The glamour of shopping around Union Square was gone. Once vibrant businesses were closed and boarded up. The beautiful hotels – so recently alive with tourists from all over the world – became haunted.

But I’m happy to report “that was then.” San Francisco is now coming back to life, with bars and restaurants creating outdoor seating on sidewalks and streets all over town. Our California weather makes it easy to get outside for some safe socializing. On weekends, live music adds to the festive atmosphere. From North Beach to the Mission and beyond, people are slowly (and cautiously) starting to mingle again. You can see they missed it. 

I hope that this outdoor culture will continue to thrive even after the COVID-19 crisis subsides, and I am sure that I am not the only one who feels this way. Wouldn’t you love to meet some friends or family for al fresco drinks and appetizers right now?  Here is a (short) video that I did this last weekend in the Mission on Valencia St.

Here’s wishing you and yours safety and health. I’ll look for you – behind your mask – on the streets of San Francisco soon! 

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