Announcing the “Best Waste of a Perfectly Good Hour “Since Car Talk!

Announcing the “Best Waste of a Perfectly Good Hour “Since Car Talk!

Announcing the “Best Waste of a Perfectly Good Hour “Since Car Talk!

It’s been years in the making! Real Estate Therapy – the YouTube channel and podcast – had a soft launch last month and we’re encouraging everyone we know to watch, listen, subscribe, follow and share!

“Our time is (not) up” and Kindred SF homes founder Cynthia Cummins is definitely not a licensed therapist, yet Real Estate Therapy may reveal more about our human condition than years of professional counseling, a doctorate in philosophy, or yet another viewing of Glengarry Glen Ross. Stop your Zillow scrolling and HGTV watching and tune in to learn why everything to do with real estate springs from the fundamental human need for sanctuary and belonging. 

You’ll learn:

  • Why the American dream is exactly and only that – a dream, not a reality.
  • Why nobody will ever love us as unconditionally as our real estate agent.
  • Why the main obstacle to our life’s progress is all the stuff we’ve accumulated.
  • Why we can’t go home again except by restoring our kitchen to its role as a true hearth.
  • Why nobody – not even an experienced Realtor – can accurately predict the value of a home.
  • And more.

Real estate is not just an investment vehicle or a source of voyeuristic entertainment. It’s first and foremost about home – in the biggest sense of that word. With refreshing no-nonsense tips, funny insider stories and a heaping helping of Zen-ish philosophy, Real Estate Therapy shows how real estate can be illuminate the path to both financial reward and a more meaningful life. 

Bonus: For all you AI aficionados, here’s the same blurb AI style:

"Our journey persists," and while Cynthia Cummins isn't your traditional therapist, her approach to Real Estate Therapy offers profound insights into the human condition that transcend conventional counseling, academic pursuits, or even classic cinema like Glengarry Glen Ross. Instead of endlessly perusing Zillow or binge-watching HGTV, take a moment to delve into the deeper significance of real estate, where every transaction speaks to our innate longing for sanctuary and belonging.


  • The truth behind the illusory nature of the American dream.
  • How our real estate agent often becomes an unexpected source of unwavering support.
  • The barriers posed by our material possessions on our personal growth.
  • The symbolic importance of restoring our kitchen as the heart of our home.
  • The inherent unpredictability of home valuation, even for seasoned professionals.
  • And much more.

Real estate transcends mere financial gain or entertainment; it embodies the essence of "home" in its fullest sense. With candid advice, humorous anecdotes, and a dash of philosophical wisdom, Real Estate Therapy charts a course toward both monetary success and a more fulfilling life.

Poll: We’re curious. Which version do you prefer? The Original #1 or the AI #2? Email us, [email protected], with your answer!

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