A Dream-Come-True Google Review

A Dream-Come-True Google Review

A Dream-Come-True Google Review

Here’s a verbatim testimonial, written by our client “D,” that deserves its own blog post. (And perhaps we’ll frame it and mount it on the wall of our office as well!) Grateful!

My husband and I had the pleasure of working with Cynthia Cummins and Lisa Riddle of Kindred SF Homes on our first home purchase. We were referred to Cynthia through a trusted friend, who gushed and raved about her experience with Cynthia. I must say that I echo the sentiment, and wholeheartedly recommend Cynthia to anyone looking for a realtor in San Francisco.

Cynthia and Lisa are extremely knowledgeable about the San Francisco housing market. Cynthia in particular will fill you in on the "why" of the housing market situation, and be able to provide historical and other useful context, which in turn makes you as a client a more knowledgeable and confident home purchaser. They both readily answer any questions you may have, large or small, and really guide you through the process with extreme care, attention to detail, and urgency. It really was also just a pleasure to work with and communicate with them on an ongoing basis. Cynthia is also well networked and able to provide recommendations and introductions for many home related professionals.

We were able to secure our home because of the excellent read of our seller's particular situation, as well as the proactive communication and actions on our agents' parts. We also had a complex timing window to manage regarding close and were able to complete it without any issues due to Cynthia and Lisa's work and proactive, ongoing communication.

Additionally, every prediction Cynthia had about other homes on the market were accurate. We also never received any pressure to go with a particular home, nor pressure to sign any exclusivity contracts. During the intake call, they took the time to really understand our goals and wants, in order to help us as much as possible.

I truly believe that Cynthia and Lisa care about their clients as people and do their best to support their goals. I highly recommend them as effective agents.

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