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"Cynthia, your patience, understanding and sage advice got us through the whole challenging process with success in a rough market."

Cynthia, your patience, understanding and sage advice got us through the whole challenging process with success in a rough market. You and Mara make a terrific team and we are grateful for your warmth, energy and skill!

- Genny

"We are very grateful to have had your support and guidance throughout the ups and downs."

We are very grateful to have had your support and guidance throughout the ups and downs. We entered into very unchartered territory in this housing market and pandemic situation and so much appreciated your expertise, dedication, warmth and professionalism throughout the process.

- Colette

"“This was our second time using Cynthia. I would not use anyone else, ever.”"

“This was our second time using Cynthia. I would not use anyone else, ever. She is not your typical realtor type. She has a very calm demeanor, listens, advises cautiously, and shows empathy to the wild emotions that come with buying or selling a home. She is over the top in doing her realtor duties- thorough, responding quickly to emails, texts or calls. She has a strategy and plan in place. She also has a wealth of resources which makes the process easier.”

- Janet

"Making it happen"

Amid the boxes, filled and half-filled, the reality is finally settling in that we did in fact sell...and are in fact moving...Thank you for responding to our existential question, supporting us in our doubts and uncertainties, and then making it happen while the market and the usual course of real estate was spinning into chaos!

- D & A

"Cynthia assisted us in selling our family home and was our first realtor."

When he contacted her, Cynthia remembered my father 20 years after their last meeting! We appreciated Cynthia’s knowledge and efficiency as well as her kindness as she guided us through inspections, staging and the sale of our home. Thanks to her professionalism and years of experience, we were able to close on the sale despite the limitations of SIP. Thanks, Cynthia!

- Laura S.

"Cynthia is the best!"

She did a terrific job representing us when we bought our duplex in Cow Hollow. And since then, she has been our best resource for anything related to SF home ownership. My good friend used Cynthia to buy his house - he tells me without her, he'd have never closed the deal. Highest recommendation!

- Robert M.

"Cynthia has been great and helped us navigate our path as first-time homebuyers"

Cynthia has been great and helped us navigate our path as first-time homebuyers. She was patient as we explored our preferences and provided fair/balanced opinions throughout the process. She also has longstanding relationships within the SF broker community that she was able to leverage to get us extra insights in this competitive environment. We are now happy homeowners - thanks, Cynthia!

- Crystal and Robert

"worked hard to make the deal work"

Great transaction with Cynthia; she was very communicative and responsive and worked hard to make the deal work - all parties were happy - hope to work with her again real soon - thanks again Cynthia!

- Matt, Agent

"We were so thrilled to work with Cynthia!"

We were so thrilled to work with Cynthia! She was recommended to us from a friend who also used her with great success. Cynthia was with us every step of the way and she made the entire process smooth and professional. Her knowledge of the San Francisco housing market is unmatched. On so many of our tours, the other agents would know Cynthia and speak of her warmly. She is a staple in the real estate community!

- Collin

"Wonderful Team"

“You and your wonderful team made us feel so welcome and at home. Thank you for everything—we appreciate it so much!”

- Matt & Cindy


I have been walking on a little cloud all day! I still can’t quite believe that I have a house!!! I can’t thank you enough for all you have done for me, for your calm and caring even when I was flipping out. This was not an easy process, but I felt held and guided by you...Wow! I have a house! A beautiful, real house!

- Laurence

"One of the best in the business and kindest."

One of the best in the business and kindest! ...I entirely depended on Cynthia for her knowledge and guidance. I tried Redfin initially and was quickly discouraged as they may be able to take you on tours, but there's no local expertise for how the market really works or if they can guide you to a winning bid...I found my dream home. Cynthia helped me write the winning offer and I couldn't be happier. Not only that, she helped me after with designer recommendations and checked in regularly. I think everyone would say real estate is a relationship business, but I don't know if all real estate agents can feel like real friends. I wholeheartedly recommend Cynthia and I am really excited for her starting Kindred Homes. You cannot go wrong with her on your side.

- Wei

"The One and Only Expert on my Referral List"

You are...the one and only expert on my referral list. I only wish I had the opportunity to shout your name from rooftops.

- Diana

"Understanding of the Human Brain and Heart"

Cynthia is uniquely qualified for a job that not only takes intelligence and talent but an understanding of the human brain and heart.

- Matana

"You Managed to Find a Way to Marry (Our Two Different) Tastes"

You managed to find a way to marry (our two different) tastes, which is no easy feat...You were patient and creative in finding spaces that would help us compromise. Do you do couples' therapy on the side?

- Catherine and Bo

"We Consider Cynthia a Close Friend Now"

We consider Cynthia a close friend now…and feel totally blessed to have worked with her…I cannot emphasize enough how much the relationship piece matters here and how necessary it is to have someone representing you who is not going to sugarcoat everything. Cynthia is honest, has incredible integrity, and has a keen eye for real estate in the city.

- Shawn and Grace

"Cynthia and Her Team of Professionals made the Renovation, Staging, and Selling so Smooth"

We are crazy busy professionals with young children and very little time. We loved that Cynthia and her team of professionals made the renovation, staging, and selling so smooth.

- Kyle and Victor

"Cynthia is As Strong As They Get"

Cynthia is as strong as they get when it comes to negotiating. In every single transaction, she has managed to finesse our way into an outstanding deal. I would never work with another Realtor in this city.

- Kristen

"You were a Perfect Partner"

Thanks to you for helping me get through the sale of (one condo and the purchase of another)! You were a perfect partner (although I believe you did most of the work and I just “did” the signing on the dotted line!).

- Shelley

"My expectations were exceeded"

From the time (Cynthia and I) started the process of preparing my property to closing it was nothing less than professional and efficient. I took a 14-day cruise in the interim and we closed three days after I got off the ship. My expectations were exceeded and I would never use any other Realtor besides Cynthia!

- Barbara

"authentic and real from the get-go"

Cynthia was authentic and real from the get-go. She always did what she said she would do and always had our back. From the first meeting to the closing she provided professionalism and care - two attributes that are hard to find in any professional relationship.

- Stephanie and Michael

"razor sharp business skills coupled with a warm and caring heart"

What sets Cynthia apart is her blend of razor sharp business skills coupled with a warm and caring heart. I've been on both sides of a transaction with Cynthia as my agent (as both buyer and seller) and she brings her best to both. It's often one's biggest financial asset, but it is also your home, and Cynthia understands and respects that in every way.

- Sarah and David