Pacific Heights

Oh, Pacific Heights! It’s the neighborhood that first comes to mind when thinking about San Francisco luxury real estate. Indeed, it consistently contains some of the dreamiest and most expensive residential real estate in the city. Its luxury-real-estate status derives from a surfeit of stately mansions, as well as plenty of properties with panoramic views of the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco Bay, the Palace of Fine Arts, Alcatraz and the Presidio.
Its famous Gold Coast is home to both old-money families and newly minted tech billionaires, and since its inception in the mid-19th century there have been record-setting sales prices throughout the neighborhood. No wonder Pacific Heights is one of the most desirable neighborhoods in San Francisco, with Russian Hill to the east and the Marina and San Francisco Bay to the north! It contains two wildly popular shopping corridors – Union and Fillmore streets. There are Lafayette and Alta Plaza parks, plus numerous playgrounds. And the Presidio beckons from the western edge of the neighborhood, with its historical sites, walking trails, golf course, forests and billion-dollar views.
Our top San Francisco real estate agents at Kindred SF Homes spend lots of time in and around Pacific Heights, and we’d welcome the chance to give you the multi-million-dollar tour of this penultimate luxury neighborhood. While we’re there, we’ll show you Presidio Heights and Cow Hollow, two of our most preferred areas in San Francisco. Presidio Heights is similar to Pacific Heights, but with a deeper concentration of large, luxurious mansions and views that take in the verdant landscape of the Presidio. Cow Hollow has a particularly fun history. The cows came home a long time ago, but the farmland where they once grazed still bears their name. Today’s Cow Hollow retains much of its pastoral character yet is one of the most beloved, high-end residential neighborhoods in San Francisco.
Once known as Spring Valley, Cow Hollow originally attracted settlers who came to San Francisco in the wake of the Gold Rush. They set up farms, using the fresh water from streams and a lagoon. But in 1891, San Francisco banished the cows from what by then was known as Cow Hollow – purportedly because they had become a health hazard. Residential development took over and luxury real estate boomed. It’s still booming today.

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