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Best of San Francisco: North Beach “Back to Life!”

Best of San Francisco: North Beach “Back to Life!”

by Francesco Benvenuti 

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Francesco Benvenuti is a top San Francisco Realtor who partners with buyers and sellers of residential property. Follow him @dreamhomes_with_francesco 

“There’s a sweet nirvana, stirring on a jazzy, North Beach night” ~ Sony Holland, from her recording, San Francisco High

North Beach is one of my favorite spots in San Francisco.

Sadly, like many other places in the world hit by Ccovid19, the neighborhood was shut down until recently, with boarded-up storefronts and desolate streets. But we are slowly getting back to normal, and now you can dine al fresco on the sidewalks of North Beach!

It’s a treat to visit streets like Green Street, where several restaurants like Cafe Sport, Sotto Mare and Baonecci have all placed their tables on the sidewalk. They’re positioned one after the other, so the entire block looks like a long, outdoor restaurant! There is great energy, especially at dinner time, and you can see that people are really enjoying being able to sit down to eat great food and socialize.

If you’re not in the mood for food, you can always stroll around newly renovated Washington Square and catch a beautiful sunset like the one I shot the other day from the Italian Club. In this light – and after this long, sheltering time – it’s almost like seeing North Beach for the first time again.


Photo: Francesco Benvenuti


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