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Alexis Beckman



As a native resident of the Bay Area, Alexis Beckman knows how to direct her clients when it comes to finding a home. As the Lead Buyer Agent for Kindred SF Homes, Alexis believes that strong relationships with her clients are the foundation of happy house hunting. She prides herself on being an assessable, authentic, professional that delivers both consistent integrity and reliable results to her ever growing clientele. Alexis is not only working for the client, but she’s also working with the client.

With a background in interior design and a deep rooted appreciation for the concept of home, real estate was a natural extension of those interests. Furthermore, her draw to connect with people and understand their needs makes Alexis a highly attuned agent that really seeks to understand the needs of her clients and uncover the home that delivers those needs. As someone that’s personally lived in over twenty different homes herself, her extensive experience in home ownership, interior design, and home remodeling gives Alexis an edge that’s invaluable to her clients. She can see what a space can become, and she can help her clients envision how to transform it.

Connection is extremely important when it comes to shopping for a home. Alexis believes a buyer needs to connect with a space to be willing to make it their home, and the best way to ensure that happens is to make sure the client connects with their agent. She believes that buyers need someone who really understands them because when a buyer agent doesn’t understand their client, that client doesn’t get the right home.

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